Natural coloration which is ready to 100% the best taste of juice and exported by the finest selected oranges in different sizes and packing

  • Details Of Product.
  • Packing : Net Wight 15 Kg/Gross Weight 16 Kg – Net Wight 7.5 Kg / Gross Weight 8.25 Kg.
  • Availability: From the end of Nov. to May. .
  • Varieties: Navel, Valencia, Baladi & Sokary.
  • Size: 36 to 125
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Egyptian Pomegranate has a citrus taste and is very juicy. There are lots of drinks and even foods that are prepared with the pomegranate fruit. Pomegranate have a favorable effect on strokes and heart disease as it helps in lowering bad cholesterol. It helps to prevent premature aging as they help slow down the formation of wrinkles in one’s skin.

Details Of Product:

  • Packing: 5 Kg Standard open-top cartons or plastic box.
  • Availability: Aug, Sep, Oct.
  • Varieties : 116 & Baladi & Wonderful
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